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125 Reaver House

12 East Street


Surrey KT17 1HX

Office hours:       MON - 10.30 till 16.00
                      TUE   - 10.30 till 16.00
                      WED - 10.30 till 16.00
                      THU - 10.30 till 16.00
                      FRI   - 10.30 till 16.00
                      SAT  -  CLOSED
                      SUN  - CLOSED

C & L Finescale

TELEPHONE : 01372 458604


C & L Finescale are the suppliers of a well proven range of track parts for over 30 years using code 75 and code 131 Bullhead Rail for 4 and 7mm scales. The range allows the modeller to build almost all track formations which were built with bullhead rail, there are individual rail chairs, rail parts, flexi track and point kits containing all of the parts to build a point and supplied with either HiNi Nickle silver or Steel Rail in both 4mm and 7mm. This allows the modeller to construct their layout to chosen standard OO, EM, P4, F7. Their is also useful range of materials and a growing range of O Gauge RTR and Kits. Keep a watch on the Blog and Product Spotlight for new releases.

Product Listing

Product Spotlight:

Model Railway

New Products

A selection of images taken across the rail network showing the track formations and fittings used  on the operational railways of the UK . 

A useful tip the land came before the railway and buildings so build your land profiles, buildings, track and test before you ballast.

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